Poker Events

Washington Poker School can work with you to organize and host a poker event tailored to meet your objective, held either at our facility or yours.

The popularity of poker among all segments of the population has provided an entertaining theme around which people have constructed successful events such as:

  • birthday parties, bachelor parties and other social gatherings
  • business networking events
  • corporate bonding events
  • client entertainment events
  • fundraising events

Click here to contact Washington Poker School to schedule your next poker event.

I have taken on a very full time new commitment in my day job. As a result, for the next 18 months I will not be available to organize and teach poker classes. In the meantime, please refer to the Learning Tools page of this web site where you will find suggestions for online training sites and programs you can use to improve your game. My apologies to those of you who have been on the sign-up list waiting for a clinic. If you paid in advance I will be mailing you a full rebate shortly.