Poker Lessons

Over the years, the instructional format that has proven to deliver the greatest value to most players is a group clinic with a maximum of 10 students, which enables us to simulate a live ring game or tournament table.

The standard group clinic runs 4 hours, either on a weekday evening (6:00 - 10:00pm) or a Sunday afternoon (1 to 5pm).

The first portion consists of demonstrating key principles as they commonly occur in cash games and deep stack tournament play. Then after a short break the students play hands for the remainder of the time. We discuss your decisions to fold, call or raise (and how much to bet), reminding you of the things discussed earlier as they bear on the decisions you are making.

Level I clinics are designed for self-taught players who know how to play but are not yet able to consistently beat the low and medium-stakes games/tournaments in which they usually compete.

Level II clinics are designed for experienced players who have mastered the skills presented in the Level I clinic and who are looking to elevate their game so they can compete at higher stakes, against more skilled opponents, either in cash games or tournaments or both.

The cost to participate in a 4-hour clinic is $100, which includes food and drink.

Without exception, people who have participated in past clinics and who have played often enough to practice what they have learned, have reported a dramatic improvement in their results -- more than enough to recover the cost of the clinic.

Gifts certificates are available if you would like to give a lesson as a gift. Arrangements can also be made if you would like to donate an entire clinic (lesson for 10) to a charitable fundraising auction.

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Level I

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Level II

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I have taken on a very full time new commitment in my day job. As a result, for the next 18 months I will not be available to organize and teach poker classes. In the meantime, please refer to the Learning Tools page of this web site where you will find suggestions for online training sites and programs you can use to improve your game. My apologies to those of you who have been on the sign-up list waiting for a clinic. If you paid in advance I will be mailing you a full rebate shortly.