*** Important - Please Read Before Signing Up ***

The focus in Level II clinics is on:

  • Controlling the pot size
  • Learning the skill of range analysis
  • Improving your ability to put your opponents on a range of hands
  • Increasing the accuracy of your "reads" of your opponents' likely holdings
  • Developing a loose aggressive (LAG) strategy

The next Level II clinic will be held on one of the two dates shown on the Lessons page -- whichever is first to be fully subscribed with 10 students.

Please sign up for whichever date you would be able to attend. If both of the dates work for you, and you would attend whichever date it is scheduled, you should sign up for BOTH DATES.

As soon as we know which of the two dates the clinic will be held, we will confirm the final date to you by email.

At that time, payment will be required if you want to lock up a seat. Payment options include check, Paypal or major credit card (see Payment tab for instructions on how to make payment).

If you have any questions, you can contact Washington Poker School at: pokerschool@verizon.net

Level II Participants Currently Signed Up:

No particpants. Click on the button below to sign-up.

I have taken on a very full time new commitment in my day job. As a result, for the next 18 months I will not be available to organize and teach poker classes. In the meantime, please refer to the Learning Tools page of this web site where you will find suggestions for online training sites and programs you can use to improve your game. My apologies to those of you who have been on the sign-up list waiting for a clinic. If you paid in advance I will be mailing you a full rebate shortly.