Here's what some of Ken's former students have said about the benefits they got from poker lessons at Washington Poker School:

When I decided to try to organize a monthly poker game with a group of business colleagues who wanted to learn to play, I turned to the Washington Poker School for help. Ken Adams shared with me his years of experience organizing and hosting games. He helped me come up with a structure that would work for the whole group, and then held a 4-hour instructional clinic to get us started. He was pro-active and brought ideas to the table for issues I hadn’t even thought of. We were all beginners, but by the end of Ken’s class we felt ready to play with anyone! We are now playing monthly, and with Ken’s help we are learning quickly. He has a wealth of poker knowledge and experience, which he enjoys sharing. Most importantly, he is a good teacher no matter what your level. Whether you are looking for help organizing a poker event, or taking your game to the next level, I heartily recommend the Washington Poker School.
O.M. (Washington, DC)

I really enjoyed the poker class given by the Washington Poker School. Ken was a fantastic instructor! He is very enthusiastic about the game and has unending patience especially considering our class was made up of nine very loquacious women, all beginners. Ken’s years of experience and passion for poker makes him the perfect teacher. I really didn’t think I was going to catch on to it at all but the way he taught the class made the game easy to understand and captured my interest. I would highly recommend the Washington Poker School to anyone looking to improve their poker skills.
M.W. (Washington, DC)

"I used to play with my fiance and he routinely clobbered me until I attended one of Ken's group lessons. Ever since then, my fiance is a serious underdog when we sit down to play. Not only that, I routinely beat him on several online poker sites. Ken taught me strategy and patience, but more importantly, he taught me how to maintain a 'poker face'!"
Shawn (Silver Spring, MD)

"I was pretty skeptical when my buddy invited me to his bachelor party in D.C. and told me we'd be starting out the evening with a poker party at the Washington Poker School. I thought I was already a pretty good player, but Ken's lesson and the tournament we played under his direction showed me that there are levels of skill to the game beyond anything I imagined. I know my game has ratcheted up several notches as a result of just one lesson, but I also know how far I have to go to compete at the level Ken does. Bottom line, it was great fun and I expect it will improve my poker results significantly."
Jeremiah (Brooklyn, NY)

"I was a complete novice until I took a group lesson at the Washington Poker School. I learned so much from Ken that I felt ready to try my luck in a small buy-in tournament in Las Vegas when I went there on vacation. I was thrilled to finish in second place, thanks to Ken's great tutoring."
Sharon (Washington, DC)